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At Shayna Renee, we create spaces, methods, and conditions for Black womxn in leadership to thrive. 


Shayna Renee Hammond is a life and leadership coach, global thought leader in emotional intelligence, and believer in the power of authenticity.

Shayna Renee means Beauty Reborn. This is more than a coaching and consulting practice--it’s a movement to co-create spaces, methods, and conditions for Black womxn in leadership to thrive. Our freedom to lead boldly begins with the state of our health. At Shayna Renee, we seek to inspire and equip Black womxn in leadership to rejuvenate their minds, bodies, and spirits so that they can lead authentically, effectively, and sustainably.

For centuries, Black womxn have been quietly responsible for leading familial, organizational, communal, societal, and global transformation--all while receiving the least amount of relevant and meaningful support for their basic health, leadership, and human needs. Some would call this magic. We call it power. When a Black womxn awakens her divine power, cultivates it in the company of other Black womxn, and channels it toward her life’s purpose, her influence is limitless and felt for generations. 


At Shayna Renee, we reimagine and clear the path for what Black womxn in leadership can experience, create, and mobilize when their wholeness is prioritized and nurtured. This is why we say:

When Black womxn thrive, humanity thrives.

“You are your best thing.” 

- Toni Morrison


IndigoWomxn Cohort 1

Impact Report

In July, Shayna Renee gathered 9 executive and director level leaders together for the first ever IndigoWomxn Group Coaching Experience.

100% of Black womxn executive leaders in Cohort 1 rated this experience effective or highly effective. Participants engaged in a professional development journey, shifting their personal and professional lives and increasing their overall leadership, confidence, and joy. We are so proud of the amazing group of womxn!

To learn more about the IndigoWomxn program design, goals, and outcomes, read our Cohort 1 Impact Report.

Have you recently stepped into a new phase of leadership at your job or in your business?


Are you at a crossroads in your personal or professional life or about to experience an important milestone?


Are you struggling to define what leading authentically means for you?


Are you grateful for the opportunity to lead in the capacity you're leading...and yet have that nagging feeling that you're supposed to give more or in a different way?


Are you overwhelmed by the Superwoman Syndrome and wondering whether work/life balance or harmony is a reality for you?


Do you often hear internal whispers alluding to a grand vision for your life that scares you?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, we invite you to...Ignite your journey of transformation with Shayna Renee by setting up a free visioning call with her here: 

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