of Black womxn leaders rated this group coaching experience effective or highly effective.

Cohort 1 Impact Report

IndigoWomxn: A Group Coaching Experience

Program Highlights

Cohort 1 Launched July 22, 2020
9 Weeks of Virtual Group Coaching
5 Coaching Circles
4 Power Hours
4 Accountability Partner Pairs
2 Squads
9 Supplemental Readings and Videos
9 Black womxn executive and director-level leaders representing from...
Baltimore Leadership School for Young Women
Collegiate Academies
Howard University Middle School
KIPP Chicago Public Schools
Roots Public Charter School
St. Albans School
Two Rivers Public Charter School


Using The R3 Method™ of Leadership Coaching--a spiritually-inspired and research-based coaching methodology, each Black womxn is invited to rebirth, reset, and renew their divine life. Using the four domains of emotional intelligence—rewritten through the lens of racial equity—as the thread that binds the 9-week journey, each participant is guided to (re) discover emotional intelligence as their intrinsic asset as a Black womxn and learn how to intentionally apply it to their leadership and life.
Four Domains of Emotional Intelligence


The ability to read and understand our own emotions, biases, assumptions, privileges, internalized racism and patriarchy, and beliefs, know our strengths and growth areas, feel confident about our self-worth, and intuitively know how our emotions impact others


The ability to recognize and understand the individual and collective emotions and perspectives of others, and to know how to apply this understanding to how we connect with, lead, and manage others


The ability to experience and express our emotions authentically, manage stress and our responsibilities, and make appropriate adjustments based upon systemic oppression, changing situations, obstacles, and opportunities


The ability to communicate in such a way that engages healthy conflict, inspires leadership, and cultivates team cohesion


When a Black womxn awakens to her divine power, cultivates it in the company of other Black womxn, and channels it toward her life's purpose, her influence is limitless and felt for generations. IndigoWomxn are coached to adopt self-care as a mindset, sharpen their emotional intelligence, strengthen their coaching skills, and expand and nurture their professional community. 
100% of Cohort 1 Participants... 
  • Rated this coaching experience as effective or highly effective
  • Sharpened their Emotional Intelligence
  • Increased Boundary Setting
  • Implemented a Sustainable Self-Care Routine

Program Components

IndigoWomxn integrates five key program components. Live group Coaching Circles combine leadership development content, self-care practices, group accountability, sisterhood, and joy. Power Hours offer an opportunity to build individual coaching skills that transfer to the workplace. IndigoWomxn are paired with Accountability Partners and merged into Squads to deepen conversation, learning, and connection. Supplemental readings and videos are provided before each session.
The R3 Method™ of Leadership Coaching


Set the vision

Integrate self-care

Tell the truth


Protect your vibe

Intentionally love

Experience Joyfidence


Lead from center

Eliminate control

Trust yourself

IndigoWomxn Reflections

"I registered for IndigoWomxn hoping to find strategies to deal with the everyday stressors and tools to navigate the complexities of working in a predominantly white environment. What I found at IndigoWomxn was so much more. The new understanding that I gained about self-care and the strategies I learned for handling challenging interpersonal and intrapersonal situations were transformative. Not only did they lessen my stress, but they also boosted my confidence."
Kristin Elliott
Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
St. Albans School
"I was able to turnkey many of the EI strategies (particularly social and self-awareness) with my Senior Leadership team, who are 70% Black women. I was able to shift my leadership paradigm from 'no excuses' to 'make no excuses for making time for YOU.'"
Chevonne Hall
Chief Executive Officer
Baltimore Leadership School for Young Women

Apply to the Next Cohort

Cohort 5 launches on June 15, 2021! 
Join Shayna Renee Hammond and a 2021 cohort of ambitious Black womxn in leadership. Learn how to reimagine the leader you are destined to be– making the deliberate choice to Rebirth, Reset, and Renew. You will be guided to (re) discover emotional intelligence as your intrinsic asset as a Black womxn and learn how to intentionally apply it to your leadership and life. 
The application closes on June 4, 2021
Find schedule and registration details HERE.

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