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Shayna Renee Hammond is a leadership and life coach who has coached and developed thousands of school and senior leaders within the education and non-profit sectors for nearly 20 years. She serves as a faculty member of Goleman EI’s Emotional Intelligence Coaching Certification Program and is the Founder and CEO of Teach To Lead, a school leadership development organization dedicated to supporting school leaders in leading through the lens of racial equity. Through Teach To Lead’s support, schools across America have experienced unprecedented school growth and achievement outcomes, inclusive school and organizational cultures, and strengthened teacher and principal retention.


Inspired by the success of Teach To Lead in the education sector and her calling to raise global consciousness, Shayna recently founded Shayna Renee, a coaching and consulting practice

dedicated to creating spaces, methods, and conditions for Black womxn in leadership to thrive. In this capacity, Shayna coaches individual and groups of Black womxn leaders from around the globe in a spiritually-inspired and research-based coaching methodology created by and for Black womxn. Shayna Renee’s methodologies and spaces inspire and equip Black womxn in leadership to rejuvenate their minds, bodies, and spirits so that they can lead more authentically, effectively, and sustainably.

Prior to founding Teach To Lead and Shayna Renee, Shayna led the national development of teacher leaders at KIPP Foundation, supported principals within the Baltimore City School System, led the highest-performing middle school in Baltimore, Maryland, and was an award-winning teacher. 

Shayna earned a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology with minors in Business and English from James Madison University,   

a Master’s degree in the Art of Teaching from Johns Hopkins University, and a Master’s of Education degree focusing on Administration and Supervision from National-Louis University. She completed the Certificate in Leadership Coaching Program at Georgetown University and is also a part-time faculty member at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education’s PENN Literacy Network.


When Shayna isn’t coaching, facilitating, or leading, she’s enjoying quality time with her two children, Judah and Joelle, learning a new sport, showing up for her Tribe, or exploring a new venue for spiritual growth and renewal. 

Our Core Values 

We believe that leadership is a value-based response to the needs around us. How we support our leaders is just as important as what tools and strategies we teach. We integrate the following values into all of our methodologies, spaces, tools, and practices:


Embody Love - Love undergirds every other value we hold dear. Love includes. It invites. It sees potential. Love acknowledges pain and reveals truth. Love awakens consciousness. It demands perseverance and emboldens the

spirit. Love is what fuels our empathy and compassion for our leaders and those that they serve.


Channel Power - All Black womxn possess an inner ancestral strength that is wise, strong, and whole. When we learn to continually access this well of divine knowledge, our capability to lead in all desired aspects of our lives expands. We channel our power to create environments and spaces such that our leaders can come to know, access, and love their inner power that’s been within them all along.


Experience Joy -  Joy is an enduring, long-lasting, and powerful feeling of inner peace, contentment, and completion. When in this state, we can innovate, relate, and lead from our best selves. Workplace and societal norms often cultivate the opposite--confusion, frustration, and scarcity--through misguided priorities and measures of success. We support our leaders in discovering what success truly means in their context, releasing what steals their joy, and integrating their refined definition of success into the workplace cultures they’re cultivating. 


Exude Radiance - Radiance is the desired energy that those we lead and serve experience as a result of our leadership. To both embody and exude it, we must possess a genuine belief in ourselves, our missions, and the people we lead. Leaders who exude radiance invite those they lead to be and give their best. We partner with our leaders in deepening their self-awareness and strengthening their relationship-building and people development skills.


Be Authentic - To lead authentically means to lead in harmony with our values and purpose--while maintaining a genuine openness to diverse perspectives and a curious presence with those around us. Authenticity inspires trust, commitment, cohesion, and vulnerability among teams. When teams function in this elevated state, the results they produce are both outstanding and sustained over time. We support our leaders in (re) discovering their authentic leadership voices and styles. 


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